Wheel trims white-chrome ABS plastic


Baby Moon is vintage style Wheel Covers, designed to support the classic look of a car, giving it a retro nostalgic appearance. Baby Moon hub caps also turn modern vehicles bright in comparison to other cars, obtaining the vintage look.

Chrome-White hubcaps were designed to imitate Whitewalls. It is economically beneficial to get a classic look for the wheels without spending excessive amount of time and funds on installing whitewalls trims or buying the whitewalls tires. In addition, hubcaps are easy to fit in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions provided on the original box.

The hubcaps are made out of high quality impact-resistant ABS plastic. They are nickel plated and covered with three layers of chrome, giving them a high-gloss finish. These wheel trims fit easily and securely to the steel wheel by a standard wire ring retention system and cover the wheel completely.

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