Vintage style is classy and always stays in fashion. That is why Atlas whitewalls are so popular, imitating whitewalls tires that were head-turning in 20th century.

Whitewalls tyres are expensive and Atlas trims are an excellent alternative, cost-effective and sensible to buy. Put whitewalls trims on your car, and let it stand out bright in comparison to other vehicles.

We offer trims for cars and motorcycles, going in sets of 4.

We have auto trims in 2 colours – White and Black&White. Originally, they were created for classic cars but quickly became extremely popular amongst off-road vehicles and modern car owners.

It is necessary to watch tyres’ pressure in order to guarantee a long-lasting performance. Whitewalls can be damaged when hitting the kerb. Manufacturer also recommends not to exceed 59 miles per hour.

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